ICTS SOCIB an example of good practices for the management of marine protected areas


The ICTS SOCIB is committed to the sustainable management of the seas and oceans, it unites three important science based systems: a multi-platform system for marine and coastal observation, an ocean forecasting system and a data visualization management system.  The combination of these three elements enables the Mediterranean to be monitored, future conditions to be forecast and also the unique opportunity to study the interactions between environmental variability, marine species and human activity.

Within this framework the ICTS SOCIB is currently studying three important pelagic groups (the Atlantic bluefin tuna, the loggerhead turtle of the Mediterranean and jellyfish).   New research approaches include multi-platform observation systems which continuously monitor the Mediterranean and help identify priority areas, with the aim of protecting this highly dynamic sea.

The work of ICTS SOCIB in this area is set out in the document "Best Practices and case studies related to the management of large marine transboundary areas", which covers the Mediterranean Action Plan of the United Nations Environmental Programme UNEP-MAP

In the following video you can see the work being carried out by RAC/SPA (Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas) in the Mediterranean.


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