Welcome to this section, specifically designed for the littles ones! 

Why is it important to observe the seas and oceans? How do oceanographers research the sea? Discover how science helps to conserve our oceans while you explore them with activities, games and learning materials.

Marine sciences are one of the least represented subjects in educational programmes. Families, teachers and educators all need to work together to include oceanography into educational programmes, paying special attention to the little ones, whose interest should be sparked right from the early learning stage. A game for tablet and some colouring-in sheets with fun activities are resources directed at the junior audience. They can be used at school or at home to find out how the oceans are researched and why it is important that we all get involved in their conservation.

You can download the MEDCLIC KIDS APP now! Come on in and go with Glidey to discover the marine technologies which help us to get to know about and conserve our seas and oceans.

Gliders, sea turtles, oceanographers who work to find out and conserve the oceans...

All this and more in our colouring-in sheets